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President of the Acceptable Ads Committee

The Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC) is looking for a new President to lead it into the next phase of its evolution, from an up-and-coming industry body to a fully independent, well-organized and respected standard-setting authority with actively engaged members striving to improve the Acceptable Ads Standard for users and the industry. The AAC gives equal representation and voting power to members representing the digital advertising industry and members representing internet users. This includes stakeholders like the world’s leading digital ads companies, as well as digital rights organizations, think tanks, universities, and everyday users of ad-blocking or ad-filtering technologies.This committee presides over the advertising standard that governs the Acceptable Ads ecosystem, which is used on over 225 million devices in the world.

Key responsibilities

  • Develop a strategic plan and roadmap for the AAC
  • Develop a marketing and recruitment strategy for new AAC membership
  • Develop and implement new funding model(s)
  • Establish themselves as a thought leader in the industry and advocate on behalf of the AAC and Acceptable Ads at relevant industry trade shows and conferences
  • Develop formal relationships with other industry trade associations, and work to strengthen the AAC over time
  • Manage multiple internal and external stakeholders
  • Collaborate with the AAC’s board to set a shared strategic research agenda that will govern and support the Standard


  • Able to deliver in a complex environment by striking a balance between the needs of users, publishers, and advertisers
  • Deep understanding of and experience in online advertising
  • Deep understanding of and experience with advocating for end-user experience and/or digital rights Experience developing and cultivating industry standards
  • Strong network within the online advertising industry
  • Ability and desire to elevate the AAC’s public stature via representing the AAC at public events in the online advertising industry, e.g. giving talks at adtech conferences
  • An aptitude for strategic problem solving and project management

Additional information

It is expected that this role will comprise 24 hours per week. The time commitment may be flexible for the right executive.

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