12th Acceptable Ads Committee Meeting

The Acceptable Ads Committee held a meeting of Representatives on April 10, 2024. The agenda for the meeting included a discussion around the vision for the Committee, guidance around click-to-play videos, and industry updates.

Adapting to Evolving Digital Landscapes

The meeting commenced with discussions centered on the evolution of the Acceptable Ads Standard in response to the evolving digital landscape and the corresponding needs of users. This included the potential to extend the application of the Standard beyond traditional desktop environments, recognizing the need to accommodate emerging advertising channels that users interact with, such as connected TV and IoT devices.

The committee highlighted the importance of adopting a consistent set of guiding principles for user experiences across different platforms, rather than setting restrictions specific to each digital environment. There was a focus on developing strategies that maintain clarity and consistency in acceptable advertising practices. Members explored the long-term benefits of focusing on sustainable advertising practices that could support the interests of publishers, advertisers, and users alike.

Additionally, there was a consensus on the need to establish objective thresholds for acceptable advertising to ensure transparency and uphold the integrity of the standard. These discussions are part of on-going efforts to adapt the Acceptable Ads Standard to the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

Considerations in Video Ads

The next item addressed in the meeting was click-to-play (CTP) video ads, which are allowed under the current Standard when initiated by the user. The committee agreed on the need for comprehensive guidelines to effectively implement CTP video ads, given the existing rules. While acknowledging the growing interest in CTP video ads, the committee also noted that such ads might conflict with sustainability objectives. Therefore, it resolved to develop sustainability guidelines and to continually assess the impact of CTP video ads. This approach allows the AAC to adapt the Standard as needed to better understand and address sustainability concerns related to these ad types.

Industry Updates and Engagement

The meeting concluded with updates on industry trends concerning sustainability and the phase-out of third-party cookies. The Committee’s recent sustainability research received positive feedback, indicating heightened interest among industry participants. The deprecation of third-party cookies is also elevating user privacy concerns, a topic that the AAC plans to become much more engaged with in the future.