Acceptable Ads Standards Hit 350 Million Users Worldwide

Marks 40% Uptick in Users Since Q3 2022

TORONTO (May 3, 2024) – The Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC), an independent non-profit organization that governs the Acceptable Ads Standards, today announced a new milestone: the Standard now governs the browsing experience of 350 million users worldwide. 

This marks a 40 percent increase in users that view Acceptable Ads in the past 2 years.  This increase highlights growing user preference for engaging ad formats that enhance the browsing experience, but still support the needs of industry stakeholders like publishers and advertisers.

“Prioritizing the needs of users has, and will continue to be, essential,” stated Terry Taouss, President of the Acceptable Ads Committee. “Intrusive advertisements alienate users, and this ultimately affects both publishers and advertisers. The growth of the Acceptable Ads Standards is proof that users are not necessarily opposed to advertising, but rather they are opposed to the types of ads that do not respect their choices. The Standard offers clear research-backed guidance for industry stakeholders that aligns with user preferences and sets an example for creating engaging digital experiences.”

Adoption of the Acceptable Ads Standard continues to expand around the globe, with strong reach in markets that include the United States, Russia, France, Brazil, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, and Mexico. The recent growth of the Standard in the Asia Pacific region can be primarily credited to the rollout of eyeo’s ad-filtering technology to users of mobile browsers through smartphone leaders like vivo and others. Key markets for vivo include India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand,  and Malaysia.

“This rise in Acceptable Ads Standards adoption is a heartening sign, confirming the findings of a recent IAB study on consumer preferences,” said Frank Einecke, CEO, eyeo. “It reinforces what we’ve long believed: consumers are willing to see ads if they’re presented in a respectful, nonintrusive way. This creates a valuable exchange where users get access to quality content and publishers have the means to deliver it through non-disruptive advertising.”

”In the dynamic mobile landscape, user experience reigns supreme – and a best-in-class mobile browsing experience requires a delicate balance,” said Bob Xu, GM of Internet Business, vivo. “By offering our users ad-filtering technology that adheres to the Acceptable Ads Standards, vivo users are able to prioritize nonintrusive advertising, ensuring seamless navigation and content discovery. A happy customer is a loyal one, and that’s the key to success in today’s competitive market.”

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About the Acceptable Ads Committee:

Over 350MM online users worldwide are open to receiving Acceptable Ads. Established in 2017, the Acceptable Ads Committee is a non-profit organization whose objective is to protect the user experience, while simultaneously providing publishers and content creators with meaningful monetization opportunities. The Committee does so by conducting independent research into the acceptability of various ad formats and codifying the results in the Standard for what constitutes an Acceptable Ad. One of the few advertising bodies that provides a voice for internet users, the Acceptable Ads Committee aims to maintain a sustainable open internet by balancing the needs of its stakeholder representatives, including users, publishers, advertisers, ad tech companies, and digital rights organizations. To learn more about the Acceptable Ads Committee, please visit

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