Tentative Mobile Acceptable Ads Criteria

In April, the Acceptable Ads Committee held its second meeting to start the process of drafting criteria for mobile-specific acceptable ads. The committee has now completed the draft of acceptable mobile ads criteria and is looking for your feedback!

Below are the tentative criteria, followed by a user survey for your feedback. The committee will be accepting feedback for a period of one month and will then formalize the criteria.

To learn more about how the AAC created the criteria, please read the summary of our last committee meeting here (the full study is available here) and find out about the acceptable ads program here.

Tentative Mobile Acceptable Ads Criteria

Ads must meet their respective placement, size, and animation requirements to be accepted. If you would like to see visual representations of these ad types, please see this document.

Placement Requirements

  • Static ad types (e.g. 6×1 banner and 1×1 tile ad without animations) are allowed to be placed anywhere on the mobile page. For an example of a 6×1 ad, this time placed on top of the content, please see this; here is an example of a 1×1 ad unit.
  • Small ads (6×1 banner or smaller) are allowed to be placed as a sticky ad on the bottom of the screen. Other formats are not allowed to stick. For an example of a 6×1 sticky ad unit, please see this.
  • Large ad types (e.g. “native” tile ads) are only allowed to be placed under the primary content on any page. For an example of this type of ad unit please see this.


Ads shown on mobile screens are bound to the following size restrictions:

  • Ads implemented on the scrollable portion of the webpage, before or inside the primary content of the page, may not occupy in total more than 50 percent of the visible portion of the webpage.
  • Ads implemented as a “sticky ad” have a maximum height restriction of 75px or 15% of the screen height. All sticky ads must include a close button or some other easily-identifiable closing mechanism.
  • Ads placed below the primary content may not exceed the height of 100% of the screen height (i.e. the ad may not be more than one “full scroll” height).


Animations are allowed for the 6×1 ad type when placed as a “sticky” ad on the bottom of the screen. Animations have to comply with the LEAN standard for animations.

We want feedback!

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